Our Vision

Locally and nationally relevant

A locally and nationally relevant church with a strong international profile, and a church that meets the needs of both individuals and society in the increasingly secularized, multicultural, and globalized world around us, especially in an urban context.

Constantly growing

A constantly growing church, a community of cell groups where people are restored to fellowship with God and with each other and grow in maturity, and worship and devoted prayer with the Bible as life’s guiding principle.


A Sunday service where passionate worship gives freedom for the Holy Spirit to touch and transform people’s lives.


A church whose ministries present the whole Gospel to the whole person and that supports people in all stages and circumstances of life.


A church that tangibly creates unity in Christ by breaking down barriers and building bridges between different ethnic groups, cultures, languages, genders, social backgrounds, generations and personalities.


A church that functions as a strong sending base for building God’s Kingdom and that is part of larger Christian networks of prayer, church planting and the development of new communities.

We want to...

Nurture an authentic Christian community

We want to experience God's presence not just on Sundays but throughout the week on different occasions and as we meet together in our cell groups. (Check our special brochure for more important information).

Share about Jesus

Promote life-giving choices as we tell the story of Jesus Christ and his unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness as expressed through teaching, music, drama, theatre, and other means.

Impact our world with hope

We want to confront the reality of life with the peace that only Jesus Christ can give. We seek to impact our city not only through social involvement and community development, but also through starting new projects and churches in Sweden and abroad.

Have services where we can come as we are

Our church services are our lifeblood--more a family reunion than a traditional church service. In our informal atmosphere, we worship God, study the Bible, fellowship, and take care of one another. We give life to one another as together we learn what it really means to be a church.

Welcome you into the church

We hope that you have a desire to experience these things with us. Know that you are welcome here, whether it’s your first or 77th visit. If we can assist you in any way, please let us know! And keep yourself updated about the latest developments in the church through the newsletters, brochures, and this website.