What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are the friends you have fun with, grow with and serve with. Our Life Groups usually are smaller gatherings where we learn to know each other and God better.

We are created to share life with other believers and in this way we can also grow more together.

Four Principles that guide our Life Group Fellowship

  • Living testimony of God’s love in your life: We believe that we are a living testimony, because Jesus has given us life. Revelation 12:11
  • Interact and Discuss the Word of God: We believe the Word of God is the foundation and handbook of our Christian life. 2 Tim 3:14-17
  • Family Fellowship and Accountability: We believe we are called by God to fellowship, to love, to serve and to encourage each other.Acts 2: 42-47
  • Evangelize and Exercise: We believe we all have a personal testimony of God’s love, hope & faith to share with others. 2 Timothy 2:2

When do Life Groups meet?

Most of our Life Groups meet once a week, but every group can decide when and how often to meet.

Where do Life Groups meet?

The majority of the groups meet in the homes of the members. But they can also meet in any and every place wherelife can be shared with one another, for example in a café, school, etc.

Life Groups with different expressions and interests

A number of factors can influence how a Life Group functions, how often they meet, where they meet, and what they do when they meet. Ex:

  • Family situation
  • Geographic location
  • Age
  • Interests / Passions
  • Language
  • Specific area within the church

WE are a Life Group church

In New Life the Life Groups are the living building blocks that form our church. Within the Life Groups, people are changed, strengthened and create lasting friendships. Their God-given unique gifts and talents are identified, nurtured and developed. Also, ideas, prophecies and visions are born within these groups, and these have immense importance to our future as church. In our Life Groups, we learn to mutually inspire, support, and encourage one another in our pursuit of being a committed community, devoted to follow Jesus Christ.

How to Join a Life Group

We have a Life Group team that would love to help you to join an existing Life Group or start a new Life Group. Welcome to get in touch with us:

  • To join a Life Group, email: .
  • To start a Life Group, email: .
  • To be a mentor and coach for Life Group leaders, email: .
  • You can also come in contact with us at the information desk during our Sunday worship services

Life Groups, a safe place to build healthy friendships and mature spiritually. We are better together!