Within New Life we have three different groups of leaders; the Daily Leadership Team (DLT), the Board, and the Elders. Anyone functioning in one of these responsibilities or elected in them will need to meet the spiritual and character qualifications of an elder/church leader as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. (This does NOT mean that all leaders function in a role as pastoral elders!)

The Daily Leadership Team consists of pastors and other key leaders who together implement the vision and the development of it on a daily basis, in the life of the church. They oversee all the different areas of ministry in the church.

The board is the legal entity of the church. The members are chosen in the yearly business meeting. They have the overall strategic responsibility and oversight, which they delegate for implementation to the DLT.

The elders are responsible for the spiritual health of the church. Their main areas of responsibility are to lead the membership process, to support the members, and to lead the prayer ministry of the church making sure that every ministry receives prayer support. The leading elder is also part of the DLT to ensure clear communication and alignment.