A different look at New Life Stockholm

As of September 2015 the ministry of New Life Church in the Greater Stockholm area looks different! If you know New Life, you know that we have always had a heart for church planting. We feel passionate about reaching out to people to tell and show them Jesus Christ through our lives and ministries. At the same time, we have felt limited, as we have realized the tremendous effort it takes to plant churches through a small group of people/team.

Therefore, we have decided to work within the Greater Stockholm area with a multi-site church-planting model. Instead of sending out small teams, we encourage many of our members to be part of planting church sites in other geographical locations. These church sites will remain within the network of New Life.

We will be providing local leadership, as well as a having an overall leadership team so that we stay closely connected to each other with the same vision and guiding principles. We will continue to work together in our particular areas of strength and calling (which can differ from site to site) and also support each other wherever and whenever needs arise.

New Life Stockholm, with the identity of a more regional church, remains in Alvik and will give continue to help develop present and future sites..


• A local church presence is established in different areas and with a larger group of people.

• It is easier to develop ministry with neighbors, friends and family since more can attend a site near their home.

• The proximity to a site will help members and visitors to develop community and care within the churches.

• It is easier to adapt to the particular needs of a local community.

• It will provide a pipeline of training for more people in evangelism, missionary work and leadership.

Naturally, this multi-site model will also bring challenges, especially in areas of communication and organization.

If you are interested in getting involved with and learning more about any of the sites, feel free to attend their services Sundays at 4pm and/or contact:

Fridhemskyrkan: Jenny Wahlström

New Life Hässelby: Rui de Sousa

Sollentuna: Andreas Palm

New Life Stockholm will continue to have services at 10am and 1pm, so you are still very welcome to Alvik as well!