We see a growing movement of disciples and churches that transform our world through the power of hope found in Jesus Christ.

The following goals are based on the maintenance and further development of the spiritual health and vibrant life of the mother church as a hub for the accomplishment of the vision and mission according to the “New Life Sandbox”.

Make Disciple Makers

50% of the regular attenders are intentionally involved in making reproducing disciples of Jesus (word of God, prayer, Holy Spirit led and empowered, fellowship and witnessing).

Develop Reproducing Leaders

Proactively and continuously identify, develop and deploy leaders who are identifying, developing and deploying others in adequate numbers to support all ministries in the church and the growth of the envisioned movement.

Plant Reproducing Churches

Establish a church planting movement that births and supports the planting of 20 churches in Stockholm by 2020, and multicultural churches in each of the university cities of Sweden and in other countries.

Do you want to read more? Here is a document you can download:
Guiding Principles