Since 2011, Hasse and Sonia Persson and their family have been representing EFK as missionaries to Mozambique. Since August 2014, they have been working and studying for a year in Sweden, but intend to be back in Mozambique in August 2015 for a new working term.

In Mozambique, half of the population is under the age of 16, and the quality of education is often very poor. Many children are underprivileged, live in poverty, and are at risk of abuse. There is a significant need to support preschools, train teachers and further the cause of children’s rights and child protection. Sonia is cooperates with several different partners in the country to provide education to children and young people.

Mozambique is a multicultural country with many different local languages and ethnic groups. Since the ninth century, there have been a number of different ethnic groups that practise old Muslim traditions. Some of them have not yet heard the gospel. The radicalization of Islam has also reached this part of Africa and risks creating tensions with other ethnic groups, particularly Christians. During his time in Sweden, Hasse has been preparing to train pastors and evangelists on how they can reach these groups with the gospel.

Read more about the family: Persson’s blog.


Family Hasse och Sonia Persson are our Missionaries in Mocambique and Republic of South Afrika, in co-operation with the Evangelical Free Church of Sweden (EFK)

21st of January family Persson - Hasse, Sonia, Daniel, David, Noemi och Benjamin – a new working period as missionairis in Mocambique och South Africa. They live in Margate, RSA.

Read more about the family: Persson’s blog.