Thomas och Monas (Children of Prisoners)  travel blog from Uganda


Our prayer before we left for Uganda was that, during the week or so we were to spend there, we would be able to reach out to as many people as possible, that God would help us get in touch with prisoners on death row, the Archbishop, and many others. We asked the Lord to use us, to help us to administer the trust wisely and to touch people’s hearts, to help them understand the suffering to which children of parents on death row are wrongfully subjected and that those children are also treasures in God’s kingdom.

Before we left, we were slightly worried about whether we would actually be able to get in touch with all those we wanted to meet and whether the prison gates would actually be opened to us. Shamret prayed for us the week before we left and said that “the Holy Spirit will open all doors and gates”. Thomas and I felt that God had actually been down here on earth preparing everything for us. Read our travel report and I think you’ll understand what we mean …

We left Sweden on Saturday 21 February, directly after having waved off our beloved son Gabriel, who was travelling to Latvia with Tjebbo & co. Having arrived in Uganda, we went through the week’s agenda with our contact, Ronald Katongole. We realised there and then that we had been almost impossibly overoptimistic in trying to cram in as much as possible. But Thomas insisted that God would probably bless the hours in a way we didn’t understand. “We’ll manage to get everything done”, he said calmly.

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