If your child has started to walk, you can leave him/her to explore in the room we call “the Ark” with our leaders during the sermon in the morning services we have on Sundays. This will free up more space for the children to play and also give you the opportunity to focus during the sermon.

Drop your child off any time during fika break. You will be asked to leave your details so that we are able to contact you if necessary (e.g. diaper change, inconsolable). Please hand your child personally to one of the leaders. The leaders will be wearing a special nametag. Please ensure that you remain contactable while your child is in the Ark. We encourage you to sit in the section closest to the Ark so as to minimize disruption to the service.

If your child is not ready for you to leave, you may want to stick around for a while. But keep encouraging him/her to join the group. You can step out of the room for a short while and gradually increase the amount of time that you are away. It may take a few weeks, but don’t give up!

Please pick up your child before 12:15pm. We would appreciate it if the parent who drops off the child will also pick up the child. Begins: Sunday, January 18.

If you are interested in helping out in the kid’s room, contact Petrina - .