The Daily Leadership Team consists of pastors and other key leaders who together implement the vision and the development of it on a daily basis, in the life of the church. They oversee all the different areas of ministry in the church. The daily leadership contains of these people:

Caroline Widell
Family Pastor

Works for Families that today are under great pressure, stress and many challenges in our society. The church should be a place for ALL ages and with Jesus in the center.

Rui de Sousa
Pastoral Elders Leader

Rui is the leader of the pastoral elders and pastor of the New Life Alvik site. He is married to Nanna and together they have three children; David, Noemi and Simon.                                                                                                                        

Ike Ohajekwe
Life Group pastor

Entrepreneur with his own company. Has a passion for personal development and leadership and is also educated in that area. Was born and raised in Nigeria.