The elders are responsible for the spiritual health of the church. Their main areas of responsibility are to lead the membership process, to support the members, and to lead the prayer ministry of the church making sure that every ministry receives prayer support. The leading elder is also part of the DLT to ensure clear communication and alignment.

Rui de Sousa
Pastoral Elders Leader

Rui is the leader of the pastoral elders and pastor of the New Life Alvik site. He is married to Nanna and together they have three children; David, Noemi and Simon.                                                                                                                        

Fredrik Widell

Fredrik works as a postman. He is married to Caroline and they have three children. He leads prayer and intercession in the church and has been one of the leaders of the church’s Life group ministry for many years.

Chris Barker

Chris is a biochemist and researcher originally from Yorkshire, UK, and is married to Gillian. Together they have two daughters; Ruth and Deborah. He is interested in science, art, fiction, the prophetic and their different combinations. He plays tennis to keep fit.

Jacob Rudolfsson

Jacob is deputy general secretary of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance. He is interested in apologetics, theology and how Christians can have a constructive voice on current issues and ideas. He is married to Hanna who he loves travelling to different countries with.

Sunny Ringholt

Sunny works as a resident tutor with Stockholm council and loves to improve people's well-being through God's Word and prayer. In the church she is responsible for the intercession ministry. She is married to Sivert and is interested in prayer, walking and hiking in the countryside.

Keboitse Machangana

Keboitse is interested in contributing to her own and others spiritual growth through sharing the word and love of God. She is married to Thuto and together they have two sons, Tefo and Kabo. Keboitse is Director of Global Programmes at the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)

Cris Salvador

Cris Salvador is a teacher in a Christian preschool in Stockholm but is originally from the Philippines where he finished a Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Ministry. He is married to Marites and together they have a son named Agathos. Cris is interested in sociology and different cultures, and longs to travel around the world.

Sheila Mustaq

Sheila is a mother of three girls and one boy; Hussna, Nafisa, Ameer and Maria. She works as a psychiatric nurse in southern Stockholm. She is pastoral leader of the church’s Life groups in the south of Stockholm. She loves to help people in different ways, especially those in need. She is very sociable and likes to meet people from different cultures.