On the first Sunday of each month we collect and distribute basic resources, initially in the form of food and household supplies, in order to help meet some of these needs. Life group leaders collect bags at the end of each service and distribute them.

You can also support the RE:ACT ministry by sending a donation to bankgiro 479-4053.

How can I help?

Church family helping church family

Buy one bag of non-perishable goods for approx 200 SEK (See list of items below.)

Bring your bag to New Life Church on the first Sunday of the month and place it in the front of the Service hall.

If I need help?

If you would like to receive a food bag please contact your ministry or life group leader. If you are not yet a life group member, please go to the info desk at New Life.

RE:ACT shopping list

The following list was made up from items bought at Lidl, St. Göransgatan 70.

1 pkt long grain rice 2kg
2 pkts pasta 500 g
2 pkts plain Chinese noodles 250 g
1 bottle cooking oil
2 tins crushed tomatoes
1 pkt sugar 1 kg
1 tin tuna or similar
1 pkt cookies
fresh fruit like oranges or apples
1 tube toothpaste
1 bottle liquid soap or showergel
1 box laundry power (detergent)
1 bottle dish soap
1 extra plastic bag

Feel free to buy more items, but please make sure that everything fits into ONE shopping bag. Our aim is to provide a standardized bag of supplies each month that we hope will suit everyone.

We value your feedback and suggestions. Please forward them via email to , or leave a note at the information desk, or talk to your life group leader.