A visit to Kenya 2015.05.10

Börje Norlén, member of New Life Stockholm

For more than two weeks in November, I got the chance to visit Kenya again. In the beginning of the 90s, my family and I had our home in that country. That’s why it is always such a special feeling to return to this beautiful country. I travelled alone, but in Kenya I was very well taken care of by my Kenyan and Swedish friends. The weeks in Kenya were fun, and now and then, even a bit adventurous. Together with my four Swedish friends: Anita, Lennart, Gunilla and Love I participated in a seminar in Maasai, close to the border of Tanzania. We taught from the Bible and Gunilla took sharp action against FGM (Female Genital Mulitation). On our way to the place where the seminar was conducted we got stuck on the muddy “roads” of this rural area and did not get out of it for about 6 or 7 hours. 


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A Visit to Orissa in North India and Calcutta - 2015.05.10

By Börje Norlén, member of New Life Church Stockholm 

The start of this adventure occurred when I surprisingly met Hans Sundberg, who was my Pastor for nine years. When we met this time, we had not seen each other for about ten years. He asked me spontaneously if I wanted to go with him on one of the mission trips he regularly makes – to India and Nepal, in co-operation with a mission organization called Touch Asia. There, Hans Sundberg has initiated a project where he gathers a number of local pastors and evangelists for ten days of intense Bible teaching, followed by group reflections, and good fellowship before the Lord. After every seminar the pastors who have been participating go home to their local sites, where they share what they have learned with another 10 to 30 local pastors and evangelists. The ambition is to go through the whole Bible in a period of a few years.


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