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Ny i Sverige

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Your Rights in Sweden

Migrationsverket - Information from The Swedish Migration Board. Available in English and 19 other languages. Here you find information about working and studying in Sweden, and how to become a Swedish citizen. - The official gateway to Sweden. Here you can find quick facts about Sweden, information about everyday life in Sweden, work, education, health care and news. - The offical website for the City of Stockholm. Under "Stockholm by theme" you can find information about education, culture and family and social welfare in Stockholm. - Information about living and working in Sweden.


Skolverket - Information about the Swedish education system.

The Swedish Council for Higher Education - Information about higher education in Sweden. The Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och Högskolerådet) is the public agency responsible for recognizing qualifications from abroad.

Work - Website focused on offering easy access to professional English speaking jobs.

Arbetsformedlingen - The Swedish Public Employment Service. Information about working in Sweden. The information is also available in many other languages.

Job search engines in Swedish:,;

Labour UnionsPharmacies open 24 hours:

Most employees in Sweden are members of a national labour union. In Sweden, there are three large confederations of unions; on their websites you can find the union that suits you and your job. A common way to find a job is through contacts but there are also some companies that work as job traders, and a governmental agency that works with the labour market. Below is a selection of links to labour unions, all of which have their own unemployment insurance funds.

LO - the central organisation for 14 affiliates organizing workers within both the private and the public sectors. Available also in Spanish, French and German.

Unionen - Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar union in the world.

SACO - the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations. Here you can search for information by occupation. Information in English and 8 other languages.

Kommunal - the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union. Information in English and 17 other languages.

Health Care

Health, social services, social insurance - Information about health care, health, social issues/insurance from the Swedish government.

If you need an ambulance, call 112.

 Apoteket CW Scheele, Klarabergsgatan 64, 111 81 Stockholm, tel. 0771-450450 Swedish supermarkets may sell certain medicine such as painkillers, for example.